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Changes for version 0.20

  • added optional argument "ncorr" to variance() and so z_value() methods to include the Burdick-Kelly correction for small N (used by default to now, and still)
  • changed obsdev() so that it also--like expected(), variance(), etc.--works with sufficient statistics (specifying trials and prob); only the "observed" value also needs to be specified
  • added croak() to observed() if it fails to find a sequence of data (a referenced array, with a non-zero scalar value) that has been pre-loaded or given by the arg "data"
  • removed aliases for observed(), expected(), variance(), z_value() and p_value() methods for brevity and so as to be compatible with other Statistics::Sequences modules. Most of these aliases were already removed from PODs of earlier versions. They are still supported (in the background) but unlikely to be supported in any later version.
  • substantially expanded/revised POD.


The Joins Test: Wishart-Hirschfeld statistics for frequency of alternations in a dichotomous sequence