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Changes for version 0.02

  • -Changed namespace from Geo::Storm_Tracker to Geo::StormTracker
  • -Added epoch_date method to Geo::StormTracker::Advisory and modified Geo::StormTracker::Parser to fill it. Also modified Geo::StormTracker::Main to use the new method instead of its original internal parsing method.
  • -shiny_new method of Geo::StormTracker::Data has been modified to require the region, year, and event number as arguments. This allowed the addition of methods to retrieve these attributes. This also required making some internal changes to the Geo::StormTracker::Main method where it called the shiny_new method of Geo::StormTracker::Data.


Perl bundle for working with national weather advisories
The weather advisory object of the perl Storm-Tracker bundle.
The weather event object of the perl Storm-Tracker bundle.
Master method of the Storm-Tracker perl bundle for dealing with Weather Advisories.
Perl extension for Parsing Weather Advisories