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Changes for version 1.6.8

  • __Sat Jan 30 2016__
  • send_error used again with Dancer2 0.1660001
  • app.psgi (copy of added to demo generation


How to configure Strehler on Dancer2
Dashboard configuration
Configurable flags on extra entities
How to add custom objects to a Strehler backend
How to install Strehler
A tutorial about how Element hooks work


A light-weight, nerdy, smart CMS in perl based on Perl Dancer2 framework.
App that gives a RESTful interface to Strehler data
App holding the routes used by Strehler backend
Dancer2 Plugin to write new routes in the Strehler Backend
Plugin for easy and fast site building!
Base class for Strehler entities management
Strehler Entity for articles
Strehler Entity for images
Strehler Entity for logs
A role to manage element's slug
Strehler Entity for users
FormFu Element for Strehler Category Selector.
FormFu Element for Strehler Display order field.
FormFu Element to allow browsing a Strehler entity with a select box.
FormFu Element to allow to select a Strehler entity.
FormFu Element for Strehler publish date field.
FormFu Element for Strehler slug field.
FormFu Element for Strehler submit buttons.
FormFu Element for Strehler generic submit buttons.
FormFu Element for Strehler tags field.
FormFu Validator for Category form.
FormFu Validator for File field in image form.
FormFu Validator for User form.
Functions to manage forms
Strehler Category class. Best tool to organize contents.
Strehler Entity for Tags
DBIx::Class Schema for Strehler database tables