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CRC - Perl interface cyclic redundency check generation


    use String::CRC;
    ($crc_low, $crc_high) = crc("some string", 64);
    $crc_binary = crc("some string", 64);
    ($crc_low, $crc_high) = unpack("LL", $crc_binary);
    ($crc_small) = crc("some string", 32);


The CRC module calculates CRC of various lenghts. The default CRC length is 32 bits.

CRCs of 32 bits and smaller will be returned as an integer.

CRCs that are larger than 32 bits will be returned as two integers if called in list context and as a packed binary string if called in scalar context.


Taken from Matt Dillon's Diablo distribution with permission.

The authors of this package (David Sharnoff & Matthew Dillon) disclaim all copyrights and release it into the public domain.