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Changes for version 0.03 - 2008-08-08

  • Add : Support for grep and map.
  • Add : More function ported to XS.
  • Chg : Almost complete rewrite that makes the main logic way sanier. Effectively, we now compute the return state and the last list state for each op, recursively. Those two piece of information are always returned by the inspect method.
  • Chg : Incompatible change : from now, each branch of a test will receive the same probability. This is needed in order to ensure consistency between different syntaxes that gives the same logic (for example, a literal if versus a function call that hides the same if). Consider that each test has 50% of chance to succeed.
  • Chg : List::Util is no longer required.
  • Fix : returns in strange places will now usually be nicely handled.
  • Tst : Even more of them.


Try to count how many elements a subroutine can return in list context.