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Changes for version 3.36 - 2022-08-21

  • Improved the `functions_are()` tests generated by `pg_tapgen` by eliminating duplicate function names. Thanks to @deathwish for the PR (#34).
  • Improved the function-body tests generated by `pg_tapgen` by creating separate tests for each instance of a function with different arguments, since the arguments are part of the function signature. Thanks to @deathwish for the PR (#34).
  • The list of trigger tests generated by `pg_tapgen` will now by sorted, so that they'll no longer appear in random order, which can be annoying when comparing changes. Thanks to Kashif Iqbal Khan for the report (#35).
  • Fixed documentation error for the scoring of files. It returns 0.9, not 1, for files ending in `.pg`.
  • Highlighted the dependence on `psql` and its support for environment variables, password file, and connection file in the documentation.


A command-line tool for running and harnessing pgTAP tests
Generate schema TAP tests from an existing database


Stream TAP from pgTAP test scripts