Changes for version 0.14 - 2021-08-02

  • Fix an issue with serialisation of nan, inf, and -inf (thanks jjatria)
  • Enforcement of homogenous arrays is no longer supported as it has been dropped from the TOML spec
  • strict_arrays is now strict (strict_arrays still accepted for compatibility)
  • strict mode now disallows trailing commas
  • bugfix: table names whose individual segments include a dot can no longer cause parser to incorrectly identify duplicate table names
  • bugfix: correctly fail on arrays without separators
  • bugfix: correctly fail when array ends without closing at EOF
  • bugfix: correctly fail when inline table is missing separators or has trailing separator
  • bugfix: disallow non-permitted control characters in strings and comments
  • bugfix: disallow invalid unicode in input
  • bugfix: allow double-zero exponents (e00)
  • bugfix: correctly parse multi-line literal strings, dealing properly with some edge cases
  • bugfix: correctly parse multi-line basic strings, dealing properly with some edge cases
  • bugfix: correctly escape unicode control characters in toml output
  • bugfix: correctly handle comment-like sequences in multiline strings
  • bugfix: correctly handle keys with names that are toml keywords
  • bugfix: better handling of inf/nan in parsing, writing
  • bugfix: correctly generate empty inline tables within arrays
  • bugfix: make duplicate key enforcement match the toml 1.0 spec
  • bugfix: update datetime support to match toml abnf, w/ workaround for burntsushi tests supporting lowercase z and toml supporting a space instead of T
  • bugfix: fix support for local dates, local times, fractional second precision
  • bugfix: fix parsing of dotted keys in inline tables
  • bugfix: fixes for escapes and unicode in key names, both in parsing and generating toml


a minimal, pure perl TOML parser and serializer
exports regex definitions used to parse TOML source
parser used by TOML::Tiny
tokenizer used by TOML::Tiny
utility functions used by TOML::Tiny