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Changes for version 1.5 - 2023-01-18

  • Add tuwf->req() method for storing request-local data
  • Add tuwf->captures() as alternative to handler arguments
  • Add support for Max-Age and SameSite properties in resCookie()
  • Add support for JSON::PP and Cpanel::JSON::PP
  • Add support for calling dbPage() in scalar context
  • Add "onerror" and "undefbool" built-in validations
  • Add support for subroutine arguments to 'default' validation option
  • Add TUWF::Validate::Interop::elm_decoder() (undocumented)
  • Add support for undef and concat attributes in TUWF::XML
  • Add TUWF::XML::xml_string() function
  • Add summary tag to TUWF::XML
  • Add "db_connect" hook
  • Add "fastcgi_max_requests" setting
  • Add support for graceful process shutdown in FastCGI mode
  • Add support for output compression for resJSON, resFile and resBinary
  • Fix handling recursion from the log_format subroutine
  • Fix encoding of HTTP response headers
  • Fix calling error_404_handler before the "after" hooks.
  • Fix handling of SIGCHLD when using the builtin HTTP server
  • Fix logging during startup
  • Fix input modification on TUWF::Validate with unknown=>"reject" hashes
  • Fix handling of HTTP DELETE requests
  • Fix handling for HTTP 204 responses
  • Remove error on resFile() path traversal, just return a 404 instead
  • Disallow IP address hosts as part of email validation
  • Use Perl built-in utf8 functions instead of Encode module


A cookbook-style introduction to TUWF.


The Ultimate Website Framework
Database handling and convenience functions for TUWF
Miscellaneous utility functions and methods for TUWF
Request parsing and handling for TUWF
Response generation methods for TUWF
Data and form validation and normalization
Easy XML and HTML generation with Perl


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