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Changes for version 0.09 - 1997-10-02

  • AT LAST found a way to taint without stringifying!
  • Added taintedness().
  • Removed taint_defined. I don't like it.
  • Fixed docs about turning off taint checking (you can't do it).
  • Fixed bug which prevented inlining of TAINT and TAINT0, renamed them to tainted_null and tainted_zero
  • Added notes about possible problems with added taint checks
  • Added internal docs about taint_in_passing
  • Made sure taint()'s return value is useless.
  • Many undocumented changes. :-)
  • Fixed to allow use in modules when taint checking is off. Lots of related docs and tests, including third test set.
  • Added better disclaimer
  • Added function make_extractor
  • Added constant taint_checking
  • Renamed untaint to unconditional_untaint
  • Added $DEBUGGING (used only in make_untainter, so far)
  • Changed the implementation of the untainter so that it's unreachable without importing.
  • Added awesome diagnostics


Perl utility extensions for tainted data