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Changes for version 0.39

  • Removal: (thanks to Yanick)
    • Dancer::Plugin::ElasticSearch not installing (underlying ElasticSearch module changed name)
    • Dancer::Plugin::Dispatcher (not existing anymore)
    • Dancer::Plugin::Mongoose (not existing anymore)
    • Dancer::Template::Semantic (Template::Semantic not installing)
    • Dancer::Plugin::ORMesque (not existing anymore)
    • Dancer::Logger::LogHandler (building fails)
    • Dancer::Plugin::Facebook (building fails)
    • Dancer::Plugin::MPD (DB_File install fails)
    • Dancer::Plugin::WebSocket (install of AnyMQ fails)
    • Dancer::Plugin::Fake::Response (building fail)
    • Dancer::Plugin::ValidationClass (does not exist anymore)
  • Adding Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Tiny
  • Adding Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible and removing the now deprecated Dancer::Plugin::Auth::RBAC


Dancer in a box