Revision history for Perl extension Tcl.

1.11,12	2018-07-14
	- fixed Eval('str > 500bytes') 
	- yet more fixes to stub build

1.06	2018-06-xx

	- sjaluo fix to Tcl.xs/.pm; tickets 21181, 125408

1.05	2016-06-28

	- typo bug on Delete code ref
	- jmcveigh, jhobbs changes to Tcl.xs

1.04	2016-03-xx

	- not seeking tkkit.dll
	- some NpLoadLibrary adj

1.03	2016-02-20

	- many cleanup: Tcl::call now much smaller and does not tracks
	  widgets anymore; $Tcl::STACK_TRACE, %widget_refs, sub wcall, etc
	- proper disposal of CODE REFs when they are no more needed on tcl side.
	- new test t/disposal-subs.t
	- Tcl::call processes 'after' differently
        - use direct object syntax for calls to 'new'
        - fixed minor typos in POD
        - removed superfluous Solaris check in Makefile.PL
        - add Travis-CI configuration

1.02	2011-02-11

	- fix export_to_tcl and test

1.01	2011-02-10

	- export_to_tcl convenience sub

1.00	2010-11-23

	- 1.0 release

0.99	2010-11-02

	- more 'stubs' platform binaries
	- hashes also treated specially in $interp->call(...)

0.98	2009-11-24

	- moved to git
	- Add flag to CreateCommand to suppress useless first 3 args
	- documentation
	- better tkkit.dll support
	- Makefile.PL has better support for AIX, Solaris, Windows 64, darwin

0.97	2008-09-07

	- --usestubs default on linux
	- Makefile.PL should exit with status 0 on error

0.95	2007-06-07

	- configuration cygwin help from Jerry D. Hedden

0.91	2006-11-13

	--usestubs is no by default

0.90	2006-11-11

	- more Darwin support
	- move 'new' method to
	- replace DynaLoader with XSLoader, Tcl is no more ISA-DynaLoader
	- removed bogus insecure do"$Tcl::config::tcl_pm_path/Tcl.cfg"

0.89    23-may-2006
	- Binary stub archives for various platforms to allow building the
	Tcl module without any Tcl distribution on the system.
	- misc OS shared libraries loading improvements

0.88    23-aug-2005
	- documentation
	- moveable distributions - implement & document
	- TODO file removal
	- more OS support in Makefile.PL
	- some code modification in Tcl bridge
	- more tests

0.87    02-feb-2005
	- automatic cleanup on widget deletion

0.85    31-dec-2004
	- Makefile.PL makes --usestubs the default
	- minor test fixes for portability

0.84    13-sept-2004
	- changes to be more perlTk compatible
	- Makefile.PL contains few more OS-dependent processing

0.81    09-may-2004
	- some Tcl.xs improvements, Makefile.PL now requires Tcl/Tk version
	  8.4 (Jeff Hobbs)

0.80    03-may-2004
	- many Tcl.xs improvements from Jeff Hobbs, Gisle Aas (better
	  handling for numbers, Unicode)
	- changes for event variables and in Tcl::Ev
	- ::perl::Eval proc in Tcl to eval in Perl
	- references to Perl objects now created in Tcl in ::perl namespace

0.77    17-apr-2004
	- quick fix of 1=>1.0 problem
	- add wcall wrapper to

0.76    17-apr-2004
	- many improvements in, Tcl.xs from Jeff Hobbs
	- many improvements in, Tcl.xs from Gisle Aas
	- more tests by Jeff Hobbs, Gisle Aas
	- subclassing is more correct with respect to Tcl::Tk module
	- Makefile.PL and ceMakefile.PL now integrated to one file
	- General cleaning of code, more comments
	- Tcl-800 currently not supported, only recent versions

0.75    28-mar-2004, Vadim Konovalov
	- ARRAY REF are processed in $interp->call(...) for perlTk compat
	- replace undef with '' in $interp->call(...)

0.72    20-aug-2003, Vadim Konovalov
        - now widget object become replaced to widget path in arguments to 'call'
        - better error handling and diagnostic for calls to Tcl/Tk
        - now returning undef from handler subroutine do not causes an
          error in Tcl side. Instead, some error traping should be invented

0.71    03-jul-2003, Vadim Konovalov
        - support Tcl version 8.0.x

0.7     02-jul-2003, Vadim Konovalov
        - Some possible coredumps were fixed (but not completely, hence FIXME
          warning in Tcl.xs)
        - some fixes from Slaven Rezic, (FreeBSD support and some more)
        - perl-5.005 support (FreeBSD has this version after installation)

0.6     08-jun-2003, Vadim Konovalov
        - now Tcl 'is-a' Tcl::Tk
        - improved access method for TCL Events (%y, %y and so on)
        - WinCE support
        - few BUGs fixed

0.5	25-may-2003, Vadim Konovalov
	- 'linux' and 'cygwin' supported

0.4	19-may-2003, Vadim Konovalov
	- changed version system and added module VERSION variable
	- compatibility changes to support modern versions of Perl and Tcl
	  (perl-5.6.0, perl-5.8.0, tcl-8.4.2)
	- call to Tcl_FindExecutable, as long as Tcl now requires this
	  (otherwise Tcl dumps core, as RTFS-ing of Tcl shows)
	- XS function "Tcl::call" renamed to "Tcl::icall" and "Tcl::call"
	  implemented in and now contains more complex logic.
	- sub create_tcl_sub and ev_sub were added, they could be used
	  to create event fields-aware subroutines
	- added 'tclcfg.tcl' to output tcl configuration, used from Makefile.PL
	- Makefile.PL changed to be more consistent
	- use strict;

Tcl-b3	11-mar-2001, Andrew Brown
	- minor update for compatability with perl 5.6.0 by Andrew Brown

Tcl-b2	1997, Malcolm Beattie
	- Created entire module.