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Changes for version 0.027 - 2021-03-18

    • Let UriAdjust module recognize query parameter (GH #165).


Process template with Template::Flute on the command line


Modern designer-friendly HTML templating Engine
Configuration file handling for Template::Flute
Container object for Template::Flute templates.
Parser for expressions
Filter base class
Currency filter for prices
Preserving line breaks in HTML output
JSON to Javascript variable filter
LowerDashcase filter
Replaces missing text with no-break space.
Substitutes literal text in a string.
Form object for Template::Flute templates.
HTML Template Parser
Localization class for Template::Flute
Increment class for Template::Flute
Generic iterator class for Template::Flute
Iterator caching class
Iterator class for JSON strings and files
List object for Template::Flute templates.
Data::Page class for Template::Flute
Generic paginator class for Template::Flute
Specification class for Template::Flute
Config::Scoped Specification Parser
XML Specification Parser
Type::Tiny types for Template::Flute
URI adjust class for Template::Flute
Template::Flute utility functions