Changes for version 0.03

  • name chaned to Test::AskAnExpert, the old one sucked
  • Timeouts are here
  • get_yes/get_no are now is_yes/is_no, names are more natural
  • The mock interface can now never have an answer for testing timeout functionality
  • File interface now has more docs than a stub
  • changed to Artistic 2.0 license
  • added a signature file

Changes for version 0.02_02

  • Fixed failing tests

Changes for version 0.02_01

  • 0.03 pre-release sent for comments


Automatically test things that require Human Intelligence (by asking someone).
the superclass of all Test::AskAnExpert Interfaces
File based human interface layer for Test::AskAnExpert
Mock interface for testing Test::AskAnExpert
Data wrapper for Test::AskAnExpert questions