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Changes for version 0.008 - 2014-11-02

  • Updates to the automatically-generated files ( thanks RT#76821 )
  • Suppress warnings and deaths in various places ( thanks RT#73280 and RT#83182 and RT#76342 phew! )
  • Improve the test output to help track down failures
  • Automatically enable verbose if $ENV{HARNESS_IS_VERBOSE} or $ENV{TEST_VERBOSE} ( thanks RT#76342 )
  • Add a new backend 'MetaDB' which queries the same online database cpanminus uses as a last resort ( thanks RT#77976 )
  • Add a new backend 'MetaCPAN' which queries MetaCPAN as a last last resort :)
  • Add a new backend 'CPANIDX' which queries as a last last last resort ;)
    • code churn: 5 files changed, 219 insertions(+), 76 deletions(-)


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