Changes for version 0.011 - 2023-02-14

  • Add user_agent argument to new(). This allows the user to specify a subclass of HTTP::Tiny, to implement extra client functionality such as a persistent cache, Thanks to Graham (plicease) for letting me know of the need for this, and working with me on the implementation.
  • Ignore text in X<...> tags. Rendering the text was preventing the proper identification of link targets. Thanks to Zaki Mughal (zmughal) for recognizing the problem, fixing it, submitting the pull request, and rattling my cage when I (for some unknown reason) did not respond to his original request.
  • If IO::Socket::SSL is missing, https: links generate skipped tests, with a diagnostic for the first one skipped. Thanks to Mark Gardner (mjgardner) for pointing out the need for this.