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Changes for version 0.32 - 2015-09-08

  • commit 174ff4d0093bd69bbdc6b151253a2df6f324194a Author: Sean Zellmer <> Date: Wed Sep 2 16:43:17 2015 -0500
    • Conditionally load Win32::Console::ANSI
  • commit f6545400905e8f5b1797cf13047b2bac3598cc61 Author: Sean Zellmer <> Date: Wed Aug 19 14:11:15 2015 -0500
    • Print skip_all plan using _print() to include indents
    • This means the SKIP wont affect the exit code of the test if multiple SKIPs are found.


Test::Pretty plugin for prove
Smile Precure!


in lib/TAP/Formatter/Pretty/
in lib/TAP/Formatter/Pretty/Multi/
in lib/TAP/Formatter/Pretty/
in lib/TAP/Formatter/Pretty/Single/
in lib/Test/Pretty/
in lib/Test/Pretty/