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Changes for version 0.027 - 2013-12-25

  • Added ':all' import option: use Test::Proto ':all'; All .pm files now "use 5.008;" and not 5.006 Some docs fixes


OO test script golf sugar
represent an alternation in array validation
Prototype with methods for arrayrefs
Base Class for Test Prototypes
Test a coderef's behaviour
Provides common functions for Test::Proto development
wrapper for comparison functions
numeric comparison
handles output, formatting of RunnerEvents.
formats RunnerEvents as TestBuilder events.
Prototype with methods for hashrefs
Test an object's behaviour
represent a repeatable element or series in array validation
Role containing test case methods for array refs.
Role containing test case methods for hash refs.
Role containing methods for tagging cases and prototypes
Role containing test case methods for any perl value
represent a series in array validation
an individual test case
Embodies a run through a test