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Changes for version 1.302027 - 2016-02-05

  • Deprecate in favor of Test2
  • Update for upcoming Trace::Mask


Manual for Test::Stream
Categorization and overview of Test::Stream components and modules.
Translation document for people moving from Test::More, Test::Simple, or other Test::Builder tools.
How to move code to Test2/Test2-Suite
How to write test tools using the Test::Stream infrastructure.


**DEPRECATED** See Test2-Suite instead
Tools to help you write custom bundles.
Bundle that emulates most of Test::More.
Spec + the Tester bundle
Bundle for testing test tools.
Preferred bundle used by Test::Stream author.
Check if the current system has various capabilities.
Tools for comparing data structures.
Internal representation of an array comparison.
Custom field check for comparisons.
Event specific Object subclass.
Meta class for events in deep comparisons
Representation of a hash in a deep comparison.
Check library for meta-checks
Compare 2 values as numbers
Representation of an object during deep comparison.
Use a pattern to validate values in a deep comparison.
Regex direct comparison
Representation of a Scalar Ref in deep comparisons
Allows a field to be matched against a set of checks.
Compare 2 values as strings
Check that something is undefined
Compare a value in deep comparisons.
Placeholder check.
Object to represent a testing context.
Debug information for events
Write tests that get executaed at a later time
Representation of differences between nested data structures.
Base class for events
Diag event type
Note event type
Ok event type
The event of a plan
Event for subtest types
Tell all procs/threads it is time to be done
Declarative exporter for Test::Stream and friends.
Meta object for exporters.
Namespace for formatters.
Standard TAP formatter
Base class for classes that use a hashref of a hash.
The conduit through which all events flow.
Hub used by interceptor to grab results.
Exception class used by Test::Stream::Hub::Interceptor
Hub used by subtests
Base class for Test::Stream IPC drivers.
Temp dir + Files concurrency model.
Module for managing mocked classes and instances.
Simple helper for writing plugins
Only run a test when AUTHOR_TESTING is true.
Automatically bail out of testing on the first test failure.
Skip a test file unless the system supports forking
Skip a test file unless the system supports threading
Import constants to check the capabilities of the current system.
Plugin for capturing STDERR and STDOUT.
Plugin for loading and aliasing the package you are testing.
Classing (Test::More) style is and is_deeply.
Tools for comparing deep data structures.
Plugin to expose the context function.
Test::Stream implementation of the core testing tools.
Write tests that get executaed at a later time
Automatically die on the first test failure.
Simple tools to help test exceptions.
Add extra diagnostics on failure at the end of the test.
Object used to temporarily intercept all events.
Plugin to load and configure IPC support.
Tool for intercepting test events.
Load a plugin with full Test::Stream semantics, but at runtime.
Class/Instance mocking for Test::Stream.
Control the random seed for more controlled test environments.
Plugin to skip tests if certain package requirements are not met.
SPEC testing tools
Tools for writing subtests
Plugin to set TAP as the default output formatter.
Test::Stream plugin that enables utf8.
Simple tools for testing code that may generate warnings.
Object to manage a stack of Test::Stream::Hub instances.
Representation of the state of the testing
Primary Synchronization point, this is where global stuff lives.
Format a header and rows into a table
Break up lines for use in tables.
Tools used by Test::Stream and friends.
Interface for writing 'workflow' tools such as RSPEC implementations that all play nicely together.
Meta-data for tests using workflows
Simple runner for workflows.
Compiled form of a unit.
Representation of a workflow unit.