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Changes for version 0.08

  • Same as 0.07_50

Changes for version 0.07_50

  • The fail option is now named 'f' instead of 'fail'.
  • Windows colors are now explicity associated to their package.
  • Added plabels() method.
  • Save Windows color before changing it, so it can be restored.
  • Improved the 'test' file contents.
  • Supplied template renamed to
  • t/t4.t now has "1..1" after the "ok 1", instead of the other way round (may have caused failing tests on some platforms; anyway, it was wrong the other way round).
  • Now has simpler README.
  • Moved Manual type info from Test/ to Test/Usage/


A different approach to testing: selective, quieter, colorful.


in lib/Test/