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Changes for version 1.19 - 2016-08-01

  • Fix : valgrind 3.1x will no longer be treated as valgrind 3.1.0, causing the wrong command line arguments to be used. Thanks Lucas Nussbaum and Gregor Herrmann from Debian for reporting and providing feedback (Debian bug 832833).
  • Fix : The number of callers is now capped at 24, as this is the maximum number supported by valgrind. An higher number of frames could lead to the generation of unusable suppressions in both old and recent versions of valgrind.


Generate suppressions, analyse and test any command with valgrind.
Base class for Test::Valgrind actions.
Mock Test::Valgrind::Action for capturing output.
Generate suppressions for a given tool.
Test that an analysis didn't generate any error report.
Carp-like private methods for Test::Valgrind objects.
Base class for Test::Valgrind commands.
A Test::Valgrind command that aggregates several other commands.
A Test::Valgrind command that invokes perl.
A Test::Valgrind command that invokes a perl script.
Base class for Test::Valgrind components.
Base class for Test::Valgrind parsers.
Parse valgrind suppressions output as text blocks.
Parse valgrind output as a text stream.
Parse valgrind output as an XML stream.
Parse valgrind XML output with XML::Twig.
Base class for Test::Valgrind error reports.
Test::Valgrind session object.
Generate suppressions for given tool and command.
Base class for Test::Valgrind tools.
Run an analysis through the memcheck tool.
Utility routines for Test::Valgrind.
Object class for valgrind versions.


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