Change History for the MicroMason Distribution
About the MicroMason Distribution
A Brief Survey of Templating Modules
Development Plans for the MicroMason Distribution


Simple and Extensible Templating
Share package vars between templates
Use MicroMason from mod_perl
Abstract Template Compiler
Basic Cache with File-Based Expiration
Trivial Cache with No Data Storage
Basic Cache with Minimal Interface
Add Exception Catching for Templates
Use a Cache for Template Compilation
Provide developer info via warn
Minimalist Interpolation Engine
Alternate Syntax like Embperl Templates
Use a Cache for Template Results
Add Output Filters like "|h" and "|u"
Function Exporter for Simple Mason Templates
Simple Compiler for Mason-style Templating
Alternate Syntax like HTML::Template
mixin class intended for use with Text::MicroMason::Base
Report errors at correct source code line numbers
Alternate Syntax like PLP Templates
Pass template data as variables
Apply Filters to All Template Output
Alternate Syntax like Text::QuickTemplate
Compile all Templates in a Safe Compartment
Alternate Syntax like ASP/JSP Templates
Formatted Interpolation Engine
mixin class intended for use with Text::MicroMason::Base
Use Base Directory and Relative Paths
Template Path Searching
Alternate Syntax like Text::Template


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