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INSTALL - Installation instructions for Text-NSP


    perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install
    cd Testing
    csh ./
    cd ..
    make clean



Getopt::Long : to support command line options, very likely already installed on your system with Perl

Detailed Installation Instructions

If you have superuser (root) access, you should be able to install Text::NSP by following these simple steps:

    perl Makefile.PL
    make test  
    su         # or sudo, as the case may be
    make install

    cd Testing # optional, but recommended
    csh ./ 
    cd ..

    make clean

If you need to install this distribution in your local user account because you lack superuser privileges, then the recommended method on Unix-like systems (Linux, Solaris, Cygwin) is as follows:

    perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=~/MyNSP LIB=~/MyPerlLib
    make test
    make install
    cd Testing 
    csh ./ 
    cd ..

This will install the executable scripts into ~/MyNSP/bin, the man pages in ~/MyPerlLib/man, and the libraries into ~/MyPerlLib.

You will need to set your PERL5LIB variable to point to the LIB directory.

In bash:

    export PERL5LIB=~/MyPerlLib

In csh or tcsh:

    setenv PERL5LIB ~/MyPerlLib

Add these lines to your .bashrc, .bash_profile, or .cshrc files as the case may be.


 INSTALL           : this file

 README            : a plain text version of doc/README.pod

 CHANGES           : a plain text version of doc/CHANGES.pod

 TODO              : a plain text version of doc/TODO.pod

 MANIFEST          : a list of the files found in this distribution,
                     created automatically by "make manifest" and used
                     by Makefile.PL and "make dist".

 bin/      : program that counts Ngrams in corpora

 bin/  : program that measures association of Ngrams based on

 doc/              : directory of documentation

                     README.pod  - complete description of NSP
                     INSTALL.pod - this file
                     CHANGES.pod - changes in this version
                     FAQ.pod     - frequently asked questions
                     TODO.pod    - our list of things to do
                     USAGE.pod   - sample usages (very basic)
                     cicling2003.(ps|pdf) - overview of NSP design
                     NSP-Class-diagram.(png|pdf) - UML of measure hierarchy
                     ChangeLogs  - archive of Change logs

 bin/utils/        : directory that contains several useful programs

            compare two measures of association
            find kth order co-occurrences
            find unordered counts of bigrams

 t/                : directory of test scripts that run with "make test"

 Testing/          : directory of test scripts for each program in NSP.
                     You can run these to make sure your installation is
                     working, and also to see some sample usages. Each
                     program tested has its own directory within Testing
                     in which you can find a README.txt file that describes
                     the testing process. Please note that "make test" above
                     does *not* run these tests.  They must be run separately
                     after installation is complete. This style of testing
                     has mostly been depricated, while we keep these tests
                     running for the new versions, we are putting all of 
                     our news tests into t/. 

 lib/              : directory where measures modules are found.

 GPL.txt           : copy of the GNU General Public License, the terms
                     under which NSP source code is distributed.

 FDL.txt           : copy of the GNU Free Documentation License, the terms
                     under which NSP documentation is distributed.


 Ted Pedersen, University of Minnesota, Duluth
 tpederse at

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Please join the NSP mailing list to report bugs, receive information about updates, etc.


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