Changes for version 1.000 - 2020-11-27

  • Replaces many error classes in Text::Parser::Errors with a single class Text::Parser::Error.
    • Text::Parser::Error is just a child of Throwable::Error and can be handled as all Throwable::Error objects.
    • This is not backward compatible with previous versions which were throwing objects of Text::Parser::Errors.
  • New attribute line_wrap_style, new method custom_line_unwrap_routines
  • New attributes track_indentation, indentation_str, and custom_line_trimmer
  • New methods custom_line_unwrap_routines, and this_indent in Text::Parser
  • Feature to use 'stashed variables'.
  • 2x performance improvement.
  • Text::Parser::RuleSpec provides syntactical sugar to subclass Text::Parser
    • Text::Parser::RuleSpec provides syntactical sugar to subclass Text::Parser: applies_rule, unwraps_lines_using, disables_superclass_rules
  • Improved POD documentation to reflect latest features


A manual for the Text::Parser class
A collection of examples using Text::Parser
A comparison of text parsing with native Perl and Text::Parser
The ExAWK (extended AWK) syntax itself


Simplifies text parsing. Easily extensible to parse any text format.
A role that adds the ability to auto-split a line into fields
Exceptions for Text::Parser
To be used to add custom line-unwrapping routines to the Text::Parser object.
Makes it possible to write AWK-style parsing rules for Text::Parser
Syntax sugar for rule specification while subclassing Text::Parser or derivatives