Author image Vlado Keselj
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 1.38

  • documentation improvements
  • renamed eval_dispatch to _eval_dispatch since it is more of an internal method
  • renamed method "scan" to "_scan"
  • renamed method "digest" to "_digest"
  • introduced hook type 'string', updated test 06-addHooks to test it
  • renamed method "evaluate" to "_evaluate"
  • moving functionality from addHook to add_hook
  • added test t/01.t for testing _index function
  • code refactoring
  • removed evaluate_py since evaluate_py1 exists
  • better distinguishing evaluator functions (evf) (in progress)
  • hook type ht:re2 - separating special hook used for Python and Makefile styles into ht:re2