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Changes for version 0.13 - 2015-11-02

  • commit 3e71c2755a5af796da7c15a62af5071926a343d8 Author: Nathan Glenn <> Date: Mon Nov 2 13:04:29 2015 +0900
    • lines filter
    • Add a default filter for returning a data section as an array of lines.
  • commit 7a718f3f4fd47c78474896224dcc68011826943c Author: Nathan Glenn <> Date: Mon Nov 2 12:48:35 2015 +0900
    • add simple block filter
    • Allow the caller to get only blocks containing a given named section.


Parse Test::Base format from DATA section
Limited version of Test::Base.
Parser for Test::Base format
Block object for Text::TestBase


in lib/Test/Base/