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Changes for version v3.5.9 - 2021-10-31

  • Fix t/010_internals/008_files.t (#206)


Xslate users manual
Builtin methods and filters/functions in Xslate
How to cook Xslate templates
Debugging techniques for Xslate templates
Frequently asked questions and answers
Process Xslate Templates
Text::Xslate constants in pure Perl


Scalable template engine for Perl5
The interface base class to import methods
Selection of common utilities for templates
An Xslate compiler to generate intermediate code
Helper class to fill in default values
Yet another Text::Xslate runtime in pure Perl
Text::Xslate builtin method call in pure Perl
Text::Xslate opcode implementation in pure Perl
Text::Xslate pure-Perl virtual machine state
Text::Xslate macro object in pure Perl
Text::Xslate builtin pair type in pure Perl
Text::Xslate raw string type in pure Perl
The base class of template parsers
The guts of the xslate(1) command
The symbol representation used by parsers and compilers
The default template syntax
The same as Kolon but using [% ... %] tags
An alternative syntax compatible with Template Toolkit 2
The raw string representation
A set of utilities for Xslate


in lib/Text/