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Changes for version 0.20

  • For simplification of maintenance, merged all ThreatNet modules excluding the original design document into one big distribution.
  • Updated test and Makefile.PL to current style
  • Added a loader
  • Updated to Module::Install 0.75
  • Stop the use of auto_install();


Tail threat messages to ThreatNet from log files


Pooled intelligence sharing of realtime hostile internet hosts
Tail threat messages from a file to ThreatNet
Interface for ThreatNet event filters
Create a chain of ThreatNet filters
Filter events within a set of IP ranges
ThreatNet Filter to discard all messages
A Threat Cache implementated as a filter
ThreatNet IRC-specific classes
IRC envelope for ThreatNet::Message objects
An object representation of a ThreatNet channel message
An object representation of a ThreatNet channel topic


in lib/ThreatNet/Message/