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Changes for version 1.15 - 2005-07-17

  • fixed bug in QueueGroup::DESTROY (was not properly calling tibrvQueueGroup_Destroy)
  • fixed bug in Rv::DESTROY so that the default transport and queueGroup are deleted prior to tibrv_Close being called


Perl bindings and Object-Oriented library for TIBCO's TIB/Rendezvous
Tibco Certified Messaging Listener event object
Tibco certified message object
Tibco Certified Messaging transport object
Tibco Queue dispatching thread
Base class for Tibco events
Tibco IO event object
Tibco Inline handler
Tibco Listener event object
Tibco message object
Tibco DateTime datatype
Manipulate a Tibco message field
Tibco Queue event-managing object
Tibco Queue Group, queue managing object
status code
Tibco Timer event object
Tibco network transport object