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Changes for version 0.74 - 2023-04-09

    • Use libtickit 0.4.4:
      • Support `sizepos` pen attribute
      • Handle horizontal mouse wheel events
    • Provide named constants for the various underline pen styles
    • Switch unit tests from `Test::More` to `Test2::V0`
      • Avoids need for `Test::Refcount`, `Test::Fatal` or `Test::HexString`
    • Rewrite some of the example demo scripts to use widgetless Tickit directly on windows and renderbuffers


Terminal Interface Construction KIT
debug logging support for Tickit
event information structures
store a collection of rendering attributes
a lightweight data structure representing a rectangle
store a set of rectangular regions
efficiently render text and line-drawing
store string position counters
terminal formatting abstraction
unit testing for Tickit-based code
utility functions for Tickit
a window for drawing operations


in lib/Tickit/
in lib/Tickit/
in lib/Tickit/Test/