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Changes for version 0.06 - 2002-12-12

  • -look is default = 10
  • error routine with sprintf
  • add new range option in config
  • rewrite bar routine (separatly sub)
  • linegraph: thick = threed / 3
  • ! Shadow for Bars ! write error message when widget doesn't pack ! -type value not correct display (Recursive error) ! read ref error ! remove rekursive Bug ! Remove double ends ! no added values in resize ! HBARS: no bar in 3d and zero value ! rewrite calc_x for better algoritm ! center bars ! remove line when zero value ! change docu (range) ! value zero doesn't drawing ! redraw was broken ! remove Balloon routine (Memory Leaks) ! remove error Message when elements is empty in balloon routine ! fix 3d lightning in linegraph ! add caller id in Error routine ! last y-axis was not black in HBARS ! Debug off ! Round with sprintf


A graphical Chartmaker at Canvas (Realtime).