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Changes for version 5.30

  • Fix entry-field up and down-arrow bindings to properly traverse the values in the listbox value list - wasn't always working properly particularly with the up-arrow option.
  • Fix broken handling of hash-refs (name/value pairs) when used as the -choices list.
  • Fix -listrelief option not accepting reconfiguration.
  • Improve and clarify "Tab=KeepList" & "Tab=Popup" altbindings. KeepList will also now keep list popped up if <spacebar> used to select.
  • Add "-tabcomplete => 3" option to just update the text field to what is selected in the listbox when tabbing off of it back to the text field (The other 2 tabcomplete options also do this).
  • Tweak the button icons' height slightly to make the widget height consistant with standard text entry fields (Linux versions, as this was already correct on M$-Windows systems.
  • Tweak widget frame width to make "fixed" listboxes more properly align in width with that of the text entry field width.
  • Stop copying the active listbox item to the text field until the user actually selects it.
  • Remove some redundant listbox activation code plus some other small code optimizations and cleanups.
  • Fix a few more "use strict" nanny-warnings about undefined variable values (found or observed during coding and testing). None of them were bugs (as Perl was already defaulting to zero or '' as needed).
  • Some general pod doc. cleanups.


Full-featured "Combo-box" (Text-entry combined with drop-down listbox) derived from Tk::BrowseEntry with many additional features and options.