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Changes for version 1.14

  • Issue: bdz (on clptk) reported a problem when choices arrayref contained a selected param for one of the entries (in editable mode). The problem was due to choices method being called prior to the widget options being defined in ConfigSpecs within the Populate method.
    • Resolution: Moved choices call to after the ConfigSpecs definition; tested. Seems fine.
  • Issue: Benoît Vincente reported obscure problem that indicated problems with JComboBox::Tie. After investigation, it appears that when the master JComboBox is destroyed, it is not automatically removed the tie. This problem is trickier than it appears, partly because of the implementation of Tk::JComboBox::Tie and partly because of how widget destruction is done in Perl/Tk.
    • Resolution: Added a few lines to check all JComboBox listeners, to see if they still existed prior to sending event notification to each. If a listener no longer exists, it is removed, and the reference is undef'd. This appears to fix the case Benoît reported (which should rarely occur in any case).
  • Minor revisions to JComboBox pod.



Frame-based Composite Base class.
Create and manipulate JComboBox widgets


in lib/Tk/CWidget/Util/
in lib/Tk/