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Tk::Table - Scrollable 2 dimensional table of Tk widgets


  use Tk::Table;

  $table = $parent->Table(-rows => number,
                          -columns => number,
                          -scrollbars => anchor,
                          -fixedrows => number,
                          -fixedcolumns => number,
                          -takefocus => boolean);

  $widget = $table->Button(...);

  $old = $table->put($row,$col,$widget);
  $old = $table->put($row,$col,"Text");  # simple Label
  $widget = $table->get($row,$col);

  $cols = $table->totalColumns;
  $rows = $table->totalRows;


  ($row,$col) = $table->Posn($widget);


Tk::Table is an all-perl widget/geometry manager which allows a two dimensional table of arbitary perl/Tk widgets to be displayed.

Entries in the Table are simply ordinary perl/Tk widgets. They should be created with the Table as their parent. Widgets are positioned in the table using:


If $widget is not a reference it is treated as a string, and a Lable widget is created with the string as its text.

All the widgets in each column are set to the same width - the requested width of the widest widget in the column. Likewise, all the widgets in each row are set to the same height - the requested height of the tallest widget in the column.

A number of rows and/or columns can be marked as 'fixed' - and so can serve as 'headings' for the remainder the rows which are scrollable.

The requested size of the table as a whole is such that the number of rows specified by -rows (default 10), and number of columns specified by -columns (default 10) can be displayed.

If the Table is told it can take the keyboard focus then cursor and scroll keys scroll the displayed widgets.

-scrollbars. By default, scrollbars will be added nw. To disable scrollbars, set -scrollbars to an empty string:

  $table = $parent->Table(-scrollbars => '', ...);

The table can be emptied using


the widgets which were in the table are destroyed.

The Tk::Table widget is derived from a Tk::Frame, so inherits all its configure options.

The default focus traversal is giving the focus only to the table widget as a whole. To enable focus traversal into table cells (e.g. if there are embedded entry widgets), then the option -takefocus has to be set to 0.

BUGS / Snags / Possible enhancements

  • Very large Tables consume a lot of X windows.

  • No equivalent of pack's -anchor/-pad etc. options


Tk::grid, Tk::HList, Tk::TableMatrix, Tk::MListbox, Tk::Columns