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Changes for version 1.21 - 2016-04-02

  • Refactored unit tests to not fail unless it's during actual testing
  • All unit test scripts are consistently formatted



wrapper for various dialog applications.
simply a collection of primarily internal methods.
Dialog backend for the native Perl mode of basic text.
backend for the console dialog(1) variant.
backend for the antiquated GNOME dialog variant.
backend for the KDE dialog variant.
wrapper around the data provided by the nautilus(1).
backend for notify-send(1).
Backend for the Whiptail dialog variant
backend for the Xdialog(1)
backend for the osd_cat(1).
wrapper of the Zenity application.
console meta-class for UI::Dialog.
GNOME GUI meta-class for UI::Dialog.
wrapper support of gauge related functions.
KDE GUI meta-class for UI::Dialog.
wrapper to screen dialogs.
wrapper to screen dialogs.