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Changes for version 1.60 - 2016-08-25

  • Parametrize terminate signal (thanks to github:and-hom for the patch, see


command-line frontend to ubic services
ubic administration script
daemonize any binary
run given command every N seconds
update ubic metadata
watchdog which checks all ubic services.
frequently asked questions about Ubic
Initial introduction
Multiservices - dynamic generation of service tree
General ubic concepts and architecture


polymorphic service manager
guard for operations with temporarily different effective uid
this module handles ubic setup: asks user some questions and configures your system
atomic file operations
ubic methods with pretty printing.
console results set
base class for OS-specific credential methods
MacOSX-specific credentials implementation
POSIX-specific credentials implementation
dummy credentials module
daemon management utilities
base class for os-specific daemon methods
linux-specific daemonize helpers
POSIX-compatible daemonize helpers
internal object representing process info stored on disk
daemon status structure
file locker with an automatic out-of-scope unlocking mechanism
alarm guard
very simple logging functions
interface of multiservice representing several named services
multiservice which uses directory with configs to instantiate services
simplest multiservice, configured in constructor
simple hash-to-file persistence object
http server which returns service status by it's name or port service
update and read mapping of ports to service names.
common return value for many ubic interfaces
ubic result object
really simple way to write init scripts
interface and the base class for any ubic service
common way to construct new service by specifying several callbacks
service module for daemonizing any binary
skeleton of any service with common start/stop logic
helpers for custom service authors
load service from file
abstract base class for service loaders
default service loader
loader for ini-style configs
loader for json-style configs
ubic settings
single ubic config file
lock which can be safely created several times from the same process without deadlocking
tiny http client
watchdog code


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