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Changes for version 1.2.13

  • decrease default resolver cache time 20 min -> 10 min
  • improve tests


stream connect request
udp send request
stream shutdown request
stream write request
errors constants for resolve error category.
errors constants for streamer error category.


aliased namespace for UniEvent
Object-oriented, fast and extendable event loop abstraction framework with Perl and C++ interface.
registry of UniEvent backends
libuv backend for UniEvent
run the given callback once per loop iteration, right after polling for i/o.
UniEvent error constants
sync and async cross-platform filesystem interface
cross-platform file/dir monitoring
monitor a given path for changes
Base abstract class for all handle types
runs the given callback once per loop iteration
The event loop object
abstraction over streaming files and named pipes
poll sockets or files for readability or writeability
run the given callback once per loop iteration, right before polling for i/o.
performs asynchronous DNS resolution.
resolver address resolution request
runs callbacks upon UNIX signals
abstract handle of a duplex communication channel
generic connector for read and write streams
file input for streamer
file output for streamer
base class for input streams for streamer
base class for output streams for streamer
base class for custom producers for streamer
base class for custom consumers for streamer
stream input for streamer
stream output for streamer
system error constants
stream that represents both TCP streams and servers.
schedule callbacks to be invoked in future
stream handle for the console
encapsulate UDP communication for both clients and servers


in lib/UniEvent/
in lib/UniEvent/Test/
in lib/UniEvent/