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map - An utility to map texts from and to unicode


 map - recode from and to various character sets.
       Reads from STDIN, writes to STDOUT.
 usage: map [--from cset] [--to cset] < input.txt > output.txt

 from s  Encoding of input files (default "ISO-8859-1")
 list    Lists available character sets and their alias names.
 to   s  Encoding of output files (default "ISO-8859-1")


Maps text from one character set representation to another. This work is actually long time very well done by recode, but unfortunately recode does not support Unicode and eastern asia character sets. But, if you have pure 8 bit things to do, recode will still be the best solution.


Conversion from ISO-8859-1 to Unicode:

 map --to unicode < iso-8859-1.txt > unicode.txt

Conversion from GB2312 to CP936:

 map --from cp936 --to GB2312 < gb2312.txt > cp936.txt

Conversion from CP850 to Unicode:

 map --from cp850 --to unicode < cp850.txt > unicode.txt


recode(1), Unicode::Map(3), Unicode::Map8(3), Unicode::String(3)


Martin Schwartz <>.