A framework for compositing and sequencing steps of execution.
The base role for an action in Verby.
Action to run 'perl Makefile.PL' or something similar in a specific directory.
Action to run make(1).
Action to create a directory path
a base role for actions which wrap POE::Wheel::Run.
A default verify method for Verby::Action::Run based actions.
An action which just logs debug messages.
Verby::Config::Data fields from the command line
A sort of scratchpad every Verby::Step gets from Verby::Dispatcher.
Takes steps and executes them. Sort of like what make(1) is to a Makefile.
A base class representing a single thing to be executed by Verby::Dispatcher.
Quick and dirty (in the fun sense, like playing with mud) step generator.


in lib/Verby/Step/