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Changes for version 0.14 - 2015-09-04

  • Updating for release of version 0.14 Removed creation of makefile (Ivan Wills)


Get resources of XSD or WSDL document
Parses a WSDL file to generate a SOAP client
Parse XSD files and create perl/Moose modules that encapsulate that information.


Static and dynamic SOAP client generator from WSDL & XSD files
Base module for build W3C::SOAP modules
Client to talk SOAP to a server.
Object to represent an XML Document
The super class for document nodes
Exceptions for SOAP Clients etc
Object to create SOAP headers
Creates a SOAP Header WS-Security object
Creates a WS-Security User name object
Base module for creating Moose objects from XML documents
Utility functions to be used with W3C::SOAP modules
A SOAP WSDL Client object
Object to represent a WSDL Document
Bindings for WSDL documents
Representation of input and output element in a WSDL document
Representation of SOAP messages in a WSDL document
Base object for tags of a WSDL document
Represents the operations in a WSDL document
Extracted policy information
Represents the ports in a WSDL document
Represents the port types in a WSDL document
Represents the services in a WSDL document
Moose meta method for WSDL methods
Parses WSDL documents to generate Perl client libraries to access the Web Service defined.
WSDL related utilities
The parent module for generated XSD modules.
Represents a XMLSchema Document
Represents complexType elements of XSD documents
Support for XSD lists
Base object for tags of an XSD document
Represents simpleType elements of XSD documents
Represents type elements of XSD documents
Parser for XSD documents that generates Perl modules implementing the object defined.
Specifies the traits of an XSD Moose attribute
Moose types to support W3C::SOAP::XSD objects


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