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Changes for version v1.11.0 - 2021-08-11

  • Thanks to a Pull Request from Boris Voskresenskiy, added submit_auth_code method for the submission of EPP Keys for in progress domain transfers


Interact with LogicBoxes Reseller API
Representation of Domain Contact
Representation of Domain Contact for .ca Domains
The Registrant Agreement for a .ca Contact
Factory for Construction of Contact Objects
Representation of Domain Contact for .us Domains
Representation of LogicBoxes Customer
Representation of Registered LogicBoxes Domain
Abstract Base Case for Domain Registration and Transfer Requests
Representation of Domain Registration Request
Representation of Domain Transfer Request
Representation of a Domain Transfer In Progress
Detailed Information About An In Progress IRTP Verification
PhoneNumber object with LogicBoxes Compatable Formatting
Representation of Private Nameserver
Basic Logic for Submission of Requests to LogicBoxes
Contact Related Operations
Customer Related Operations
Domain Related Operations
Domain Availability Related Operations
Private Nameserver Related Operations
Domain Registration Related Operations
Domain Transfer Related Operations
Low Level Access to LogicBoxes API


in lib/WWW/LogicBoxes/Domain/
in lib/WWW/LogicBoxes/