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Changes for version 0.009

  • The DOM plugin (0.011): • Just doc fixes: The frame features are listed in ::Window, and a previously fixed bug has been deleted from the list. The JavaScript plugin: • <!-- --> is supported in external JS libraries (RT #43582) and in javascript: URLs. • Trailing --> no longer requires // (RT #43582). • Line numbers are now correct after a <!-- with multiple line breaks before it.

Changes for version 0.009

  • The JavaScript plugin: • Destructors no longer clobber $@ (RT #108646). Thanks to Oleg G for the patch.
  • 0.008a 21 October, 2012 LWP 6 supports perl 5.8.7 once more, so we no longer require Bundle::LWP5_837. JE back end (0.009): • Window methods are now bound properly, eliminating errors with JE::Object::Proxy objects (RT #79855). Thanks to Nathan Chaney for the report.


JavaScript plugin for WWW::Scripter


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