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Changes for version v2.7.0 - 2018-12-01

  • Support for GDPR changes, specifically party_id of contacts
  • Added Mocking support to all tests


Interact with eNom, Inc.'s Reseller API
Interact with eNom, Inc.'s reseller API
Representation of eNom Contact
Representation of Registered eNom Domain
Domain Registration Request
Domain Transfer Request
Representation of In Progress Domain Transfer
Representation of IRTP Detail
PhoneNumber object with eNom Compatable Formatting
Representation of Private Nameserver
Basic Logic for Submission of Requests to eNom
Contact Related Operations
Domain Related Operations
Domain Availability Related Operations
Domain Private Nameserver Operations
Domain Registration API Calls
Domain Transfer API Calls
Low Level Access to eNom API
Addon Services That Can Be Purchased
Parse a domain into sld and public_suffix/tld


in lib/WWW/eNom/