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Changes for version 1.927 - 2014-05-10

  • Packaging
    • Bump required version of Types::Standard to 0.040.
    • Bump required version of match::simple to 0.008.
  • Other
    • Rather than defining Datetime and Uri types in Web::ID::Types, use Types::DateTime and Types::URI from CPAN.


frequently asked questions about WebID


authentication middleware for WebID
implementation of WebID (a.k.a. FOAF+SSL)
an x509 certificate
role for Web::ID::Certificate
an RSA key
represents a single name from a certificate's subjectAltName field
represents subjectAltNames that are e-mail addresses
represents subjectAltNames that are URIs
type library for Web::ID and friends
utility functions used in Web-ID


in lib/Web/ID/Util/