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Changes for version 1.27

  • 'as html' feature added in globexport and webtools
  • 'safe' quote-printable in and bug with base64 removed
  • flat session permissions is now secured.
  • deepwalk library introduced.
  • base ShopCard module (mysql side support) introduced
  • base Categories module (mysql side support) introduced


Create and process categories within MySQL DB
Perl extension for DBI, providing database emmulation via flat files.
Full featured error management module
Full featured Image password generator for Web
Create and process ShopCard within MySQL DB
Modified version of Sprite to manipulate text delimited flat-files as databases using SQL emulating Oracle. The remaining documentation is based on Sprite.
Triple DES encyption.
Global Exporter module used from
STDOUT handle module used from
Full featured WEB Development Tools (compare with Php language) in Perl syntax


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