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Changes for version 0.06

  • Implement Mediawiki's patrolled flag via Wiki::Toolkit's moderate_node API.
  • Validate version arguments before using as search terms.
  • Zero and the empty string are no longer considered valid passwords for all users.
  • Data from the database is utf8::decoded before being returned.
  • list_all_nodes allows refinement by metadata.
  • Metadata refinement may include namespace.
  • Assume patrolled when searching revision table.
  • Add delete_page method.
  • Removed prints to STDERR. Enable debug tracing via DBI->trace(), instead.
  • Join the Revision, Page, and Recentchanges tables correctly.
  • Don't insert cleartext passwords before inserting the hashed version. into the database.
  • Allow fields to be set to NULL when updating user information.
  • Improve history query when recentchanges does not apply.


Mediawiki (MySQL) storage backend for Wiki::Toolkit