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Changes for version 0.17

  • Move test file into t directory [PR#3]. Thanks to Adam Herzog <adam@adamherzog.com>.
  • Clarify Wait() method's return value in the documentation [PR#5]. Thanks to Zoffix Znet <cpan@zoffix.com> and Bartosz Brewinski <bbrewinski@lukasbank.pl>
  • Fix Win32::Process::KillProcess() with VC9 [PR#6]. Thanks to Zoffix Znet <cpan@zoffix.com> and Steve Hay <shay@cpan.org>.
  • Change the example so it works OOTB [PR#7]. Thanks to Vincent Lequertier <vi.le@autistici.org>.
  • Allow "appname" and "cmdline" parameters to Create() to be NULL [PR#8]. Thanks to Michael Conrad <mike@nrdvana.net> and Greg Ercolano <erco@seriss.com>.


Create and manipulate processes.