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Changes for version 0.50

  • Moved to using Build.PL (i.e. Module::Build).
  • Moved utility scripts into script dir so they will install to Perl/bin
  • Used subclassing in Build.PL to avoid turning them into BAT files
  • Added package lines to (ACE|ACL|NamedObject|Recursor).pm to get them to show up in META.yml
  • Changed .t files to PC line endings
  • Added support to ACTION_distdir in Build.PL to turn off extended tests
  • Overrode make_tarball in Build.PL to avoid Archive::Tar (which is broken) and use tar and gzip from the command line. I will remove this when a default install of Archive::Tar and Module::Build under ActivePerl does not result in a flat tar file!
  • Fixes to error_.* calls in W::S::Recursor::SE_FILE_OBJECT::PermDump
  • Added PPM support to Build.PL
  • Removed dacl_noprop from because of an obscure bug involving inheritance blocking preventing a subsequent dacl update from rippling the updates.
  • Added test for and fixed bug involving standalone -b passed to


Win32 ACE manipulation
Win32 ACL manipulation
Security manipulation for named objects
low-level access Win32 Security API calls
Security recursion for named objects
set of routines for SID manipulation


in lib/Win32/Security/