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Changes for version 0.32 - 2009-10-29

  • Failed to get this to work with ActivePerl 5.10.1 1006 and 'nmake'. For mysterious reasons my nmake says it does the compile for Impl.c but no .o file is produced. My nmake is 6.00.9782.0, will investigate to see if other versions work. Adapt to use dmake as an alternative.
  • Changed the command for creating the archive to use a tab instead of spaces since dmake won't recognize it otherwise.
  • Also adapted to the fact that Config{ar} no longer contained just 'ar', but a full path.
  • Added specific tarflags for the dist target since (at least my) tar puts some very stupid modes on the files (specifically, no x for directories) which creates problems when uploading to PAUSE.


Perl extension for obtaining information about currently executing applications (using the ToolHelp API on Win32)