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Changes for version 0.02 - 2002-07-13

  • original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options -A -n Win32API::ToolHelp
    • it is numbered 0.02 because of its predecessor Win32::ToolHelp 0.01 that was knocked up too fast to have a good interface
    • it comes with all the functions in the Win32 ToolHelp API (heap functions not tested though), structures returned as hashes:
  • BOOL CloseToolhelp32Snapshot(DWORD dwFlags, DWORD th32ProcessID);
  • HANDLE CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(DWORD dwFlags, DWORD th32ProcessID);
  • BOOL Heap32First(LPHEAPENTRY32 lphe, DWORD th32ProcessID, ULONG_PTR th32HeapID);
  • BOOL Heap32ListFirst(HANDLE hSnapshot, LPHEAPLIST32 lphl);
  • BOOL Heap32ListNext(HANDLE hSnapshot, LPHEAPLIST32 lphl);
  • BOOL Heap32Next(LPHEAPENTRY32 lphe);
  • BOOL Module32First(HANDLE hSnapshot, LPMODULEENTRY32 lpme);
  • BOOL Module32Next(HANDLE hSnapshot, LPMODULEENTRY32 lpme);
  • BOOL Process32First(HANDLE hSnapshot, LPPROCESSENTRY32 lppe);
  • BOOL Process32Next(HANDLE hSnapshot, LPPROCESSENTRY32 lppe);
  • BOOL Thread32First(HANDLE hSnapshot, LPTHREADENTRY32 lpte);
  • BOOL Thread32Next(HANDLE hSnapshot, LPTHREADENTRY32 lpte);
  • BOOL Toolhelp32ReadProcessMemory(DWORD th32ProcessID, LPCVOID lpBaseAddress, LPVOID lpBuffer, SIZE_T cbRead, SIZE_T* lpNumberOfBytesRead);


Perl extension for obtaining information about currently executing applications using the plain Win32 ToolHelp API