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Author image Dennis K. Paulsen

Changes for version 0.28

  • Fix RT #75728: X11-GUITest: Build Dependencies: libxt-dev and libxtst-dev
  • Applied RT #88194: Correct minor typo and remove a link dependency
  • Support for RT #69960: GetWindowPid() and GetWindowsFromPid()
  • Fix RT #84053, #93677: With newer Perl (5.14), modules should include $Config{ccflags} when also specifying their own
  • Minor updates to file preambles, comments
  • Updated for RT #93668 - Updated license file
  • Updates for RT #93667 - For `make test`, support environments that may have 0 client windows (xvfb-run)
  • Various documentation updates


Provides GUI testing/interaction routines.